Parkinson's humor by Carl Hernz


Time to Move On, Got Lots to Do

Thanks for following. It has been a crazy and fun ride and I appreciate all the support.

True, I didn’t get the response needed to keep the vlog going, but that just means I need to be doing something else. And that is what I am already doing. I have some very important projects I need to focus on, and I see this as the call to follow through with that vocation.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that it’s time to hang up the public life hat. You have to remember that I’ve been doing something in the public eye, one way or another, since infancy. I’m 43. That’s a long time to be doing something.

Except for a few years here and there, I’ve had the privilege of getting to be before the camera, behind the camera, on television, on stage, in front of small intimate audiences of about 100 to upwards of 50,000 at one time. I’ve done work in my field that’s been seen in most of the Western world and parts of Asia. I’ve won awards for my work in typographical design, and have had fun making people laugh with my peculiar sense of humor. I’ve done everything in this field I ever wanted to. I’ve truly been blessed to see my dreams come true.

It’s time for me to really live the quiet life, out of the public eye. Despite the pressures caused by my disease, I’m no longer comfortable in this type of work. No, I won’t stop my work of doing my part to make this world a little better; it’s just that I won’t be looking to do this with a spotlight overhead. I’m not looking to be noticed. I’ve had a limelight on me long enough.

Thanks for the lift so many of you have given me. I know I’m not alone in my battles. My prayers are also always with you.

And please, for those of you who are hoping for another return of mine, stop before you do. There will be someone else out there that needs your assistance to keep the torch up. Please help them instead. As I mentioned before, I’m called to do something else and the best thing you can do for me is allow me the space I need to pursue it.

So now go and do wonderful things. Settle for nothing than doing your best. Don’t be good at what you do, be great at it.

Signing off, with gratitude and great peace and happiness.

Carl Hernz


YouTube Channel Continues with Various Carl Hernz Content

Still the ever-creative fella, Carl will continue to post on YouTube from time to time with his usual humor and projects every now and then. His hopes for the weekly vlog show may be up-in-smoke, but he still is a creative bug. Keep on the watch. He has stuff for this Halloween coming in already, with more to come for the rest of the upcoming holiday season.

Yes, Virginia, you can be cancelled from YouTube! Sort of.

The news on this side of the fence is so bad that the plugs had to be pulled on all the projects.

With a readership estimated over 10,000 and less than 30 hits on the first show in the first 24 hours and too many requests for free copies of my book, I am sorry to report that there is just no way I or anyone else can afford to keep the production side going. I am forced to close shop. Licensing fees per show are not free—and so publicly performing any of the upcoming shows on the Internet have to be scrapped so that fees won’t be extracted.

No books have been sold at prerelease, and so many requests from people not associated nor promised a free copy have come in that most who have been promised a book might not receive one either.

Thus without the support I need I can only take this as a sign that this is just not the right time for this. I appreciate those who have supported me up to now. Some of you who have been promised a hardcopy of the book may have to make due with an e-book PDF version because of a rush by some very adamantly demanding folks has left me without much left to pass out. (Those on my list please be patient as I try to get to each one of you.)

Still I’ve had a lot of fun up to now. I hope you have too.

And I’m kind of relieved, sort of. Each episode takes a week of hours to produce less than 10 minutes of show, and it has been difficult to create in the face of dealing with PD myself.

The swag shop associated with The Carl Hernz Show is thus being scrapped as well, as is the Film Festival. And I will be closing down my Facebook accouns too since I basically use it to keep fans up to date on entries, etc. Since there will be not future ones…

But this is not a sad moment. It’s an answer for me I’ve been waiting for. On my end this is making it very clear to me what I should be doing instead. I do have a couple of other non-related projects that have been on the backburners which can now come to the fore and I can keep myself busy with these.

For those who have been supportive through the years, I say THANKS! I’ve been very fulfilled in what I have accomplished. It’s been more than I dreamed I could accomplish.

Remember, you can be your own advocate for PD. Just walking out your door and being involved in life in full view of others in itself is testimony enough in most cases.

Prayers and applause from me to all of you who have been the inspiration for me to keep going through some tough times. Thanks, I shall never forget.

Oh, Bad Kitty says “Hi.”

This is Carl Hernz, signing off.